People Skills – The Connection Between Military Experience and Entrepreneurship

In the military, it is crucial to have great people skills in order to communicate, coordinate, motivate, and understand the people who are required to complete a mission. In the military, I had to know people’s problems, weaknesses, strengths, and motivations in order to achieve long term success. I learned to be perceptive to non-verbal communications and actions. I learned that everyone has something to offer and everyone should be treated with respect and understanding. As an entrepreneur, this is one of the most critical skills and also one of the most rewarding.

Being an entrepreneur is about creating businesses and jobs that are ultimately all about people. The people that work in a business are not just cogs in a wheel that run a machine—they are people who deserve to be respected and empowered. To be what I consider to be a successful business owner, an entrepreneur needs to respect, care, and nurture the people throughout the organization—this leads to even greater opportunities that make the world a better place. Business and military success can’t be achieved when there is disharmony among the ranks; solid people skills are key to unifying efforts.

I have been fortunate to serve 31-plus years and counting in the armed forces of the United States of America and I am very thankful for the critical skills I learned in the military that have helped me become a successful creator of business and jobs in industries around the country.

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